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When should I restring my Tennis Racquet?

According to the United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA) the frequency which a tennis racquet should be restrung (obviously for string breakage), is dependent on how many times per week one plays. In other words, if you play tennis once a week you should try to restring your racquet once a year, twice a week, two times annually and so on.

How do I choose the right Tennis String?

The Strings on a tennis racquet are the life of the racquet. However, for most people, racquet strings are just an afterthought. Here are a few guidelines to make your selection a bit easier.

Durable Polyesters and Kevlar’s – the most popular and best for string breakers, consisting of a single polyester fiber with a thin coating. This type of construction is termed “monofilament”.

Multifilament Strings – to bring synthetic strings playability more into line with natural gut, many microfibers are twisted together to a string. Advantage: higher elasticity and better playability. Disadvantage: these strings tend to break once the outer wrap is damaged and are costly.

Synthetic Gut / Nylon – are mostly high-tech products bringing their playability in line with natural gut strings but keeping the advantage of the synthetic materials higher durability, and priced much less then natural gut.

Natural Gutmade from cow intestines. The original and most playable, featuring superb playability and “liveliness” yet very expensive and sensitive to weather.


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