Great Bay’s Front Door Entrance will be open 24/7 for all MEMBERS.


What members need to do:

*Make sure your membership is active and in good standing

     email Tina at for membership status

* Don’t forget your key tag!

                           Swipe Key Tag at the front desk during desk hours

                            Swipe Key Tag in the entryway when desk is not staffed

* Front Desk Hours:   Monday - Saturday 8am to 11am and Monday - Thursday 4pm to 7pm

* Everyone is required to take a spray bottle, located in the front lobby, to spray and wipe                   equipment before use, and spray and let air dry after use

* Place spray bottles in the black bucket in the lobby by the staircase when finished 

What can you expect when you arrive?

  • Locker Rooms have been remodeled and are open

  • Hot Tub has been removed. Saunas are not open at this time

  • Lockers are provided throughout the gym and cubbies at the front desk can hold cell phones and keys 

  • All Water Fountains have been removed, members should bring their own water bottles

  • Community snacks are prohibited at this time

  • Front Desk Hours are limited, please email Tina Russell the Club Manager, at with any questions or concerns

  • Members may bring in guests for a $10 fee. Please use the After Hours Retail Purchases sign in sheet, during non desk hours, and sign the guest waiver indicating the member and the guest and the appropriate payment method