GBAC Racquetball

GBAC Racquetball Guidelines

Phase One 2020/2021 Season

Please Stay Home if You are sick!

All players are required to wear a mask entering the Club and while moving about common areas. Masks may be
removed while on the court but must be put back before the player leaves the court.

All players are required to sign a Covid liability waiver and questionnaire EVERY time they enter the club. Waivers can be
downloaded from our website, printed at home, and signed prior to entry to speed the check in process.

Players are each to take a spray bottle located at the Front Desk to spray and wipe their racquets, balls and all touch
points entering the courts, including door handles and door frames.

Water fountains are out of use per State guidelines please bring water or purchase it in the lobby. You may use your club
credit to make these purchases – any member that continued to pay their fees while we were closed has a credit equal
to all the days of club closure on their account to be used for any club product or service.

Players should not share equipment and should avoid touching all surfaces as much as possible.

Players should stay 6 feet apart and avoid physical contact with their opponent. No handshakes, fist pumps or high fives.
Maintain 6 feet when entering and leaving the courts.

When taking a break, players should maintain social distancing of 6 feet and masks should be put back on anytime you
leave the court.

SOLITARY AND SINGLES PLAY ONLY (members of the same household, live together). Unrelated players can play
singles if they attest to having had a negative Coronavirus test within 1 week of their play date (players should ask to see
their opponents negative test proof - the club will not be checking or collecting test results because of HIPAA laws).

To ensure the safety of all players, all touch points should be sprayed and wiped before play and sprayed and left wet
after play - by the players. 

The entire floor will be sprayed (Australian Gold), left for 2 minutes and mopped after play by the players. Please
allow the time for this important step after your reserved time.

Socializing in the lounge is not permitted at this time - players should depart from the lounge immediately following the
end of their reserved play time and floor cleaning.

All bags and personal belongings must be placed on the shelving - not on the floor, furniture, or table.

Starting October 1st, players will need to reserve courts at a cost of $10 per hour.
Courts must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance of play time - courts can be booked up to 7 days in advance -
online or by phone with payment by credit card or credit on account. Members that continued to pay during the club
closure have credit on account for all the days the club was closed.
Maximum of 1.5 hours per reservation. 1/2 hour between play will be blocked for floor drying time between

Locker rooms and showers are not available at this time - come dressed to play.

ONLY members are permitted to play during phase one - NO GUESTS.

Racquetball can be a fun and exciting way to get active and get in shape! 

Racquetball is....

  • Very easy to learn - easier than any other racquet sport!

  • Great for beginners, anyone can play!

  • A great workout for anyone, regardless of skill

  • An excellent cross training activity

  • A great combination of fun and fitness​​

Racquetball can help you....

  • Get into better shape

  • Lose weight

  • Improve your endurance and cardiovascular health

  • Improve hand-eye coordination

  • Increase your balance and speed

  • Gain muscle

  • Reduce stress

Jean Michno
Racquetball Director


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