Group Exercise

Week of August 10th - 15th

Monday at 9:00 AM - Total Body with Kathy

Tuesday at 5:15 PM - Barre with Stacey

Wednesday at 9:00 AM - Intervals with Kathy


Thursday at 5:15 PM - Yoga Fusion with Kim

Friday at 8:30 AM - Barre/Yoga/Pilates with Melanie

Saturday at 9:00 AM - Boot Camp with Nancy

Classes are on the tennis courts and are 45 minutes Max.

Please bring your own mat.

Look for our new classes on next weeks schedule!

Intervals of low impact cardio and total body moves

Fusion of Yoga, Pilates & Strength moves


191 Exeter Rd

Newmarket NH 03857

(603) 659-3151

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