Group Exercise

Begins Monday, October 19th
October 12th - October 17th



7:00am  Cycle - Wexer

9:00am Muscle Up - Kathy

10:30am Yoga - Wexer

4:30pm Cardio Shred - Wexer


8:00am Core Express  - Wexer 

8:30am Power Step -  Wexer 

9:30am Cycle -  Wexer 

4:30pm Cycle Express- Wexer

5:15pm Fusion - Stacey

6:45pm Total Sculpt - Wexer


7:30am Cycle - Wexer 

9:00am Intervals - Kathy

10:30am Yoga Energy - Wexer

4:30pm Zumba 30 - Wexer 

5:00pm PIYO 30 - Wexer 


8:00am Killer Abs- Wexer 

8:30am Step Express- Wexer 

9:30am Cycle - Wexer

4:30pm 30 min Cycle - Wexer 

5:15pm Fusion - Stacey


7:30am Cycle Express - Wexer 

8:30am  Fusion - Melanie

10:00am P90X - Wexer



8:30am Total Body Cardio - Wexer 

8:30am Barre - Melanie

MUSCLE UP is our Barbell based class that takes you through a total body workout using barbells, plates, hand weights and bands to give you a balanced and challenging workout every time.

INTERVALS features Cardio intervals to ignite your fat burning systems with muscle conditioning intervals to help shape and tone your body. A step may be used in this multi-faceted class.

FUSION will strengthen and tone your body through a series of rhythmic exercises that all originate from your core to improve your posture and flexibility and leave you with long lean muscles, combining elements of Pilates, Yoga, Barre and Dance

The Wexer Virtual Trainer is available for members to use during any nonscheduled class times.

We have 4 Cycles available for Virtual Cycle classes

Members can plan to come together, join in with someone else or they can do a class all by themselves.

Please see the front desk if you have any questions.

GBAC gives access to Small Group Training available with

Trainer Coach Hicks


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Newmarket NH 03857

(603) 659-3151

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