Commit 2 Fit

Are you someone who needs or wants accountability, structured routines led by live enthusiastic instructors or coaches, a little competitive push, or just plain old camaraderie? 

Commit 2 Fit is your answer! 

Join our staff of fitness professionals and Get Yourself Committed! 

Commit to Fit Programs with GBAC Instructors

Sold in 6 Week Sessions

Members $30 per Session; Non-Members $90

Sign ups Required!

Check out the Fitness Schedule Below

Begins May 9, 2022

(No Cost for the Wexer Classes)


The Wexer Virtual Trainer is available for all members to use at their convenience.  Members may choose their own classes at their own times.

  We encourage you to bring a friend and/or meet up with fellow gym members, but most of all, Enjoy Your Workouts!

Please Watch for DROP IN POP UP CLASSES!

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