Commit 2 Fit

Are you someone who needs or wants accountability, structured routines led by live enthusiastic instructors or coaches, a little competitive push, or just plain old camaraderie? 

Commit 2 Fit is your answer! 

Join our staff of fitness professionals and Get Yourself Committed! 

 Six Week Programs

Members $30 

Now Open to Non-Members $60


with Stacey

(space is limited)

Tuesday's at 5:15pm in downstairs Studio

NEW! 6 Week Session begins August 3rd

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Muscle Up

with Kathy Wrenn-Kleiman

(space is limited)

This non-stop class will use TRX suspensions, kettlebells, dumbbells, battle ropes and more to help kick your metabolism into overdrive!

Monday's at 9:00am in downstairs Studio

6 Week Session begins July 26th

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Boot Camp

with Rachelle Hennessey

We invite you to join our TRX strength-based Boot Camp fun that will focus on various strength training formats including TRX, functional training, barbells and kettlebells.  Class will include a functional warm up, total body strength exercises followed by general stretching.

NEW! 4 week Session begins August 5th 

Thursday's at 5:45 AM

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with Melanie

Thursday's at 8:30 am in downstairs Studio

6 week Session begins August 5th

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Space Still Available contact Tina for details about joining a session