Commit 2 Fit

Are you someone who needs or wants accountability, structured routines led by live enthusiastic instructors or coaches, a little competitive push, or just plain old camaraderie? 

Commit 2 Fit is your answer! 

One of the most effective ways for anyone to reach a goal is to make the Commitment! 

These 6 week programs give structured routines at specific times that ask you to: 

  • Commit to the program 

  • Commit to the time 

  • Commit to your instructor or coach 

  • Commit to your teammates or group 

  • Most importantly, Commit to YOU!

    Join our staff of fitness professionals and Get Yourself Committed! 

Sign-up Now For:

Pure Strength

with Kathy Wrenn-Kleiman


This is a total body workout using barbells, plates, hand weights and bands to give you a balanced and challenging workout every session (limited to 6 members)


Mondays at 9:00am in downstairs Studio

6 week Program $30

Begins March 8th


with Stacey Gella


Strengthen and tone your body through a series of rhythmic exercises that all originate from your core to improve your posture and flexibility and leave you with long lean muscles, (limited to 10 members)


Tuesdays at 5:30pm in downstairs Studio

6 week Program $30

Begins March 16th


with Melanie Roy


In this 6 week program, participants will learn the foundations of Yoga through breathing techniques, postural alignment and awareness of movement, on the journey to becoming more present in mind, body and spirit.


Thursdays at 8:30am in downstairs Studio

6 week Program $30

Begins March 11th

Email Tina to Commit Today!

Metabolic Training

with R3Vamp Coach Rich Barber

Every Tuesday @ 6:00pm



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