Commit 2 Fit

Are you someone who needs or wants accountability, structured routines led by live enthusiastic instructors or coaches, a little competitive push, or just plain old camaraderie? 

Commit 2 Fit is your answer! 

One of the most effective ways for anyone to reach a goal is to make the Commitment! 

These 6 week programs give structured routines at specific times that ask you to: 

  • Commit to the program 

  • Commit to the time 

  • Commit to your instructor or coach 

  • Commit to your teammates or group 

  • Most importantly, Commit to YOU!

    Join our staff of fitness professionals and Get Yourself Committed! 

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Kids Fitness

with Kathy Wrenn-Kleiman



Strength, Flexibility and Coordination for kids (Ages 8-12).  Bring a mat, water and enthusiasm to workout to the beat of the music in this fun environment!


Mondays 8:30am in downstairs Studio

6 week Program $30

Begins July 5th